Just talkin

Just talkin
Inserito originariamente da LJ.
Between 6th and 7th Street there is a small area that is infested with drug dealers and gang members. I was told many times not to walk in that area. You think I listened? Well, whilst in that area I came across this man. He has caused quite a commotion amongst you. It was a hot day…brilliant sunshine but he was sat in the shade….back resting against a wall. I approached and asked if he minded me sitting next to him for a while. He said no…so I parked my ass down on the curbside. He asked me what I was doing with my cameras and I explained I was a crazy Englishman who didn’t value his life. He laughed of course, which was beautiful to see because I have never seen a face as sad in all my life. I gave him a cigarette. In fact I gave him the whole pack. I went on to explain how I took pictures of homeless people and shared them online. He smiled again. I wondered what I said that was so funny. He went on to explain that there are MANY photographers who go down to that area but in the majority of cases they hang their lenses out of the car window and never get out. “That’s fucking wrong” he retorted. I nodded my head and asked would he mind me taking his picture. “Of course not…you asked” he replied.

We talked some more. Mostly about shit that doesn’t matter but for those 20 minutes or so…it kinda did….you know….

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