(My) Eyes on the Prize?

(My) Eyes on the Prize?
Inserito originariamente da Kenny Maths
Woo-Hoo! I checked my e-mail a short while ago..and discovered that I have been short-listed in the 'Black & White Photographer of the Year' category of 'Digital Camera' magazine's "Photographer of the Year 2007" competition.

The funny thing is...I really don't "do" black and white...just decided to convert some images to enter the category (essentially as a way of sneaking in more portraits)...with little expectation.

However, there were 81,000 entries to the competition overall...so it seems I've done fairly well to become a finalist. :-)

I am fully prepared to be a distinguished loser. Still...one never knows. Each category (there are 10 overall) has a first prize of £1000 (with prizes for second and third places) and the overall prize is £15000. :-)

If I understand correctly...I think at the very least my pic will now appear in the magazine and also feature in an exhibition (in London) to promote the competition.

Did I mention the whole "Woo-Hoo!" thing already?

Oh, you can see my original version of this pic (maybe I should have entered that in the portrait category?) here:

Eyes on the Prize

Update: This has now won 3rd Place in the category. Woo-Hoo! :-)

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