Last Call

Last Call
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I dunno, been in kind of a morbid mood the last couple of weeks, been crawling around in graveyards or borrowing skeletons and stuff like that for photoshoots.

"Borrowed" this idea from a buddy of mine,

This is Daði and the one walking away is Birkir. We set out in pretty shitty weather, and it was even worse when we got to the location, rained lightly and was VERY windy, so much that it was hard to stand up straight. Was going to underexpose the backround and light Daði up with a monolight but there was just no way cause of the wind so I only used ambient lighting. Dug a big hole but just so Daði could lie down and stick his head out of the sand and asked Birkir to walk away towards the shore (this is taken at the beach at Kleifarvatn).

Post processing was pretty minimal, first I did raw conversion, then tone mapped the shot slightly with photomatrix. After that I used curves for contrast, channel mixer for b/w conversion and hue/sat for making it sepia toned, added frame and sharpened after resizing.

For some reason the TIFF full res version of this had been saved without exif data so for those interested this is shot with a Canon 5D and a 85mm lens, iso 100, f2.0 and a 1/500 shutter.

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